The CSS Coaching Children Certification - Helping children make dramatic improvements in their emotional wellbeing & behaviours.

A child’s emotional meltdown can be an incredibly difficult experience for both the

child and the people around them.

Children’s Safe Space presents

The Kidz Coaching Certification...

...will help you understand the nature of children better and give you the skills and tools to help hold space for them during difficult times. Using the 4 modalities of Connect, Empower, Play & Grow, you'll be able to support children in a way that feels safe and empowering for them.

To learn more about this coaching certification, book a discovery session with me and let’s talk about what this certification can give you & if it’s a good fit.


Here’s what others have to say a bout The Kidz Coaching Certification...

A little more about The CSS Coaching Children Certification…

It’s an intuitive Childrens Coaching Certification for both coaches that work with children and parents that are struggling with certain childhood problems such as the inability to regulate emotion in a healthy way and struggling to relate, empathise and empower their children towards a strong long term relationship with the parent and themselves.

That’s where our CSS Modality structure comes into play…


Our first modality, Connect, is the key to get any person, child or teen onside and to want to talk about their life, emotions or issues.

CSS teaches a powerful way for coaches to connect with a child or teen but it can also be used with parents wanting to reconnect with their own children in powerful and loving ways.

CSS also teaches an energetic way to let a child feel loved, safe and heard.


In our second modality, Empower, CSS teaches their own success formula to empower young people in a world where they get little or no choices. No other coaches or therapists use this model!

Empowering children and teens with choice is the KEY to success in any future sessions.

Are you curious as a coach how you get the yes from a child to make sure they are invested in a session? Or as a parent would you like to learn how to empower your child so they can make better choices?


In our third modality, Play, we teach ways to engage children of all ages, to encourage them to open up, play and learn. We teach new games all while learning about their emotions, feelings and how to rewire their brain with unconscious therapies. These are game changers for parents as well as coaches. Come and learn games and strategies on how to help your child go from melt down to a place of calm or focus.


In our fourth modality, Grow, CSS teaches how to use positive language and make every interaction one of healing and growth.

What are the internal modules?

In addition to our 4 modality approach, we also teach the following core topics during the CSS program:


  • How to start a business coaching and healing kids
  • What are your key skills passions and ideas
  • CSS 4 step process to Connect Empower Play and Grow
  • How to build trust and rapport with children


  • Becoming Energetic Healer
  • Level 1 or 2 Reiki Practitioner Certification
  • Crystals
  • Pendulums
  • Essential Oils
  • Meditation Body Scan


  • Clearances needed to work with children
  • Mandatory reporting
  • Insurance
  • Forms for communication between parties
  • NDIS system and disabilities
  • Reading and understanding NDIS Plans
  • NDIS PB Support Catalogue – decoding and rates
  • Invoicing
  • Client Agreements
  • NDIS plans


  • Introductions and Bios
  • Getting clear on your business
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Canva pro
  • Social media posts


  • Emotional regulation
  • Integrating feelings into the body
  • Strategies to help overwhelming sensations and emotions
  • Mind Maps and Moving Emotions through Body


  • Working with children under 4
  • Working with children 5-12


  • Working with teens 13-17
  • Working with ASD children
  • Play Therapy / Using intuitive play and games
  • Healing
  • modalities and Activities


  • Family health and Family sessions
  • Using energetic healing


  • Making every interaction a healing moment
  • How to coach and heal children with Holistic Therapies and Play Therapy
  • How to Coach Supports Kids

About The Coach…

Hey I'm Nichole, a clinical hypnotherapist who specializes in working with kids of all ranges, including children on the spectrum.

If you recognize me from my lives on socials what you see is what you get.

I’ve been in the personal development industry for over10 years. My superpower is unconditional love and I am passionate about helping others. Just watch my free videos and you'll see my passion and energy!!

I’m vulnerable with my own journey, thus creating safe space for others to share and heal. My addiction and depression lead me to hypnotherapy and unconscious healing 11 years ago. I'm now sober happy, healthy and haven’t looked back.

I'm quite diverse;

I have a wife, 3 children and one child on the spectrum. I love fitness, ice baths, breathwork and learning more about healing.

I have my Clinical Hypnotherapy qualifications as well as my masters in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki energy healing and Seichem.

I have my educational qualifications in Fitness, Youth Work and Disabilities and Training.

💫I coach children aged between 2-18 with many modalities

💫I am a mentor for teens

💫I run therapy sessions for children and parents

💜 I am a motivational speaker at educational Centers

💜My coaches and I run parent trainings via zoom

an 8 week program

💜I run retreats and workshops for women

💛I teach families how to communicate and connect in harmony

And run a business with a team of support workers for families with disabilities funded through NDIS.

But why do I love working with kids?

Because they understand more than you realise and they deserve to learn how to express themselves fully!

After all, we have thousands of adult coaches why don’t we have more holistic coaches and healers working with our youth??

Kids need to feel safe!

Kids need to feel loved

Kids need to play

Kids feel a real genuine connection and will work on what they want to when given the right space, love, empowerment and guidance!!

That’s why after working with kids for the last 8 years, I am now proud to run The Kidz Coaching Certification for people wanting to start a business to help children OR for parents wanting to have better communication and connection to their children.

To learn more about how you could become certified to make dramatic improvements with children’s emotional wellbeing and behaviour, click the button below to book a discovery call to learn if this is the right fit for you.

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